Hunt for Eggs and get Echoes at Kaboo!

Hunt for Eggs and get Echoes at Kaboo!

Somewhere in the vast space of the internet is an online casino called Kaboo. This planet is an alien environment with survival instincts reigning over politics. The only way to survive on this planet is through pure courage and Echoes. While the inhabitants of Kaboo don’t celebrate holidays such as Easter, this is the Egg Hunt period on the planet.

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On Kaboo there’s a dying alien species comparable to a mix between dragons and birds. In the next few weeks they steal and hide each other’s eggs to decrease the competition for their own offspring. Since this is a species close to extinction the warriors working to keep Kaboo safe have asked brave players to help seek and return these eggs in return for Echoes.

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What can I do with Echoes?

The Echoes are this planets form of currency. Since the gravitational pull is much higher there than what we experience on earth, sound waves are actually pulled downwards, making echoes almost impossible to experience. With these Echoes you can buy free spins, and even super spins; spins with a higher bet.

How do you find these hidden eggs?

The eggs are most often hidden in games, and our warriors have located which ones need to be played in order to find certain eggs. Find all the eggs, and you can win up to 250 Echoes to spend on free spins!

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Join and Fight for Kaboo

Kaboo Hunt for Eggs WelcomeJoin the Kaboo mission for a new and exciting casino experience and find the eggs to get free spins! The egg-hunt is between Friday 31 March until the 13th of April. The eggs that you’ve managed to find will be returned to their owner and paid for on the days of Easter (13 until 17 April). You have two weeks to get your egg-hunting game on. What are you waiting for soldier?

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